Vocational Education Left Behind in Indonesia

Koran Sindo, page 2

Development of vocational education in Indonesia has been left behind. In Europe and America, almost 95% of graduates come from vocational education, while in Indonesia is only 5%. This was revealed by Chairman of Association of Indonesian Private Universities (Aptisi), Budi Djatmiko at the graduation event of polytechnic LP3EI in Jakarta, yesterday (18/9).

He explained that 95% of the higher education system in Europe and America is vocational education, which is equal to diploma 3 (D-3) and diploma 4 (D-4), while the remaining 5% is academic education. This was due to 95% of the employment market needing vocational graduates rather than academic graduates.

Budi revealed that in Indonesia there are 4,500 state and private universities with 26,000 study programs (prodi). However, only 5% of those develop vocational education while the other 95% produce academic students (S-1 up to S-3).

Academic students are more suited to becoming lecturers or research professionals. It is not possible for them to move directly into a practical job because their learning culture is more on theory than practice. Therefore, he hoped that government will prepare a final design to extend vocational education for levels D-3 and D-4 by referring to eight professions listed in the agreement of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), namely: engineering, architect, tourism personnel, accountant, dentistry, survey personnel, medical practitioners and nurses.



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