Jokowi Supporting Full Day School

Republika, page 7

President Jokowi in his visit to Darussalam Gontor Modern Islamic Boarding School, Ponorogo, East Java, yesterday (09/19), said that the implementation of Full Day School will be tried in several provinces and schools ready to apply it.

Jokowi said that the purpose of Full Day School is to improve morals and ethics of students of elementary schools and junior high schools which will be applied in both extracurricular and curricular programs.

Jokowi lamented that the national characters, identities, morals, and ethics; the value of hard work; optimism value; tolerances; and Islamic values have begun to fade away. Therefore, attentions from all stakeholders are required.

One of Gontor’s alumni, Ahmad Fuadi, said that the concept of full-day school has actually applied in Islamic Boarding Schools for even 24 hours. This learning method has been proven effective to produce quality graduates.

Previously, Minister of National Education and Culture, Muhadjir Effendi voiced the discourse of full-day school. He said that the Government prepared a full-day school program to develop Indonesian students’ characters. He asserted that full-day school did not mean to study continuously. He said that the materials to be taught in the end of the day will be mostly materials to develop students’ characters and to strengthen their potentials.

However, the discourse reaped a lot criticism and rejection particularly in the social media. The Minister then said that he will reconsider the application of full-day school though he does not cancel the plan.



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