Minister: Human Resources Improvement through Scholarships

Suara Pembaruan, page 16

Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Prof. Mohammad Nasir, in his visit to Tanjung Pura University, Pontianak, said that the will be always present in tackling education problems of the nation because people with certain education levels will determine the advancement of the nation.

Prof. Nasir said that gross participation rate (APK) of people taking higher education is around 27.83%. The low figure shows that Indonesia still faces huge risks to face the global competition. Therefore, the Government allocates funds to provide scholarships as its commitment to increase the number of people taking higher education. Hopefully, the scholarships will cut off the poverty chain.

Prof. Nasir said that the State is present for the nation. We hope that through Bidikmisi scholarships, affirmation of Higher Education in Papua and affirmation of 3 T regions will increase the competitiveness of the nation. Hopefully, the scholarships can be used properly to take higher education. According to him, the Government will provide subsidies for Indonesian children who have high achievements but have limited economic capabilities. This year, the Government allocates Rp 3.2 trillion for 320,000 college students to cope with the problems of poverty, unemployment, ignorance, underdevelopment and inequality.

On the same occasion, Director General of Learning and Student Affairs, Prof. Intan Ahmad, reported that Bidikmisi is one of the Government’s prioritized programs commenced since 2010, and, until 2016 it has got 320 students. The program is mandated in Laws of the Republic of Indonesia Number 12 of 2012 on Higher Education.




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