Private College Development Hampered by Accreditation

Media Indonesia, page 11

Quality development of private colleges is still hampered by low accreditation value. Of 4,300 private colleges with 23,700 study programs, some 60% still have minimum accreditation, or C.

Director of Quality Assurance in the Directorate General of Learning and Student Affairs, the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Prof. Aris Junaidi, said that currently only 40% of the total number of private colleges have A and B accreditation scores. The high number of private colleges with minimum accreditation score shows the existence of quality disparity. Therefore, the Government should work hard to improve their qualities by providing facilities.

According to Aris, one of the efforts that Government can make to improve quality of private college in regions is to provide block grants to superior colleges so that they can develop study programs in their neighboring private colleges. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen Private Higher Education Coordinators that specially handle quality improvement of college with C accreditation. On the contrary, private colleges which fail to improve their accreditation status will be subject to a sanction in the form of prohibition from issuing diplomas.



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