Vocational Education Not to Neglect Quality

Kompas, page 13

The growth of vocational high school needs to be controlled to prioritize quality learning which equips students with basic sciences, technical skills and good characters. The increase of the number of vocational high schools which fails to consider industrial demand will only send their graduate to unemployment.

Director of Higher Education, Science and Culture of the National Development Planning Agency, Amich Al-Humami, said, Monday (9/19), that in 2015 the number of Vocational High Schools increased 461 schools from 12,689 in 2015 to 13,150 this year. Meanwhile, the number of Vocational High Schools which have good quality and which deserve to be references is only 1,350. Over five years since 2015, the number of Vocational High Schools which can be reference is expected to increase to 1,650. Those schools should have cooperation with at least 75 industries, teachers with expertise packages, and minimum students of 1000.

Director of Vocational Development of the Minister of National Education and Cultures, Mustaghfirin Amin,  said that some 60,000 vocational high schools, especially those manage by privates,  have only 100-200 students. Amich said that under the Minister of National Education and Cultures, Vocational School Development applies the supply driven approach, and it was found that in opening skill programs many Vocational High Schools fail to consider and to take industrial potentials in their regions as their bases. Therefore, the Ministry of National Education and Culture should ask regional governments not to grant a permit for Vocational High School opening unless the schools match the available industrial potentials.

According to Amich, it is necessary to ensure that the two education systems applied by Vocational High Schools, namely classroom education and industrial education through apprenticeships, run properly. Quality assurance should be mutually agreed so that the schools can provide good education and students are able to master basic sciences and knowledge. In addition, cognitive intelligence and critical thinking as well as social competence should be also developed.



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