Launches Android App for Free Courses, an online open course platform, launched an Android-based app to expand its service and make it easier for users to access educational material using their smartphones. The platform was developed on the idea to improve education access, providing interactive user forums that can bridge communication between teachers and students. chief executive Jupiter Zhuo said that they recently also launched a teachers channel on their app and website to give opportunity for teachers who want to volunteer and upload their own materials.

According to him, since it was first launched in January this year, more than 5,000 people have signed up to the service. The platform allows users to learn Microsoft Office, Mandarin language, programming, digital marketing and online IT & software courses using videos. It also features an online chat and discussion forum where users can talk to each other.

Jupiter said, to become a teacher, users need to register, fill up personal data and upload their material. He added that the course material is written in accordance with local curriculum, while also being reviewed strictly by their own team consisting of engineers and PhD students.

The company is preparing to launch an iOS version of their app in September and also plans to set up an offline class in Jakarta next year to give wider access for anyone who has limited access on internet and education. Jupiter said the company generates its profit through online ads and from its offline classes.




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