Full-Day School Needs Mapping

Koran Sindo, page 15

The Government’s plan to initiate the full-day school (FDS) has once again earned harsh criticism. A number of schools reject the policy. Members of the House of Representatives also warn that the plan will need budget and human resource preparation for optimal implementation.

A member of the Commission X of the House, Reni Marlinawati, urged the Government to perform comprehensive mapping of schools in the provinces where the policy will be tried. There should be concrete data on schools which have been technically ready to apply the program. According to her, FDS is not the only way to cope with the problems of morals and ethics among school children. At the same time, FDS will have various challenges and problems in the field, including the problems of supporting facilities, human resources and budget.

Despite any rejection and mix reactions to the FDS Idea since the first time it is voiced by the Minister of National Education and Culture, Muhadjir Efendi, (8/7), it seems that the idea will be realized. President Joko Widodo asserted that the full-day school will be tried in several provinces, especially in urban schools which have been technically ready.

An expert staff of the Minister for Character Development, Arie Budhiman, said that the full-day school system will be implemented gradually to consider school diversities including area representativeness, school and region initiatives, implementation of the 2013 curriculum, accreditation, and school status (state or private).



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