Lack of Teachers

Jawa Pos, page 30

Lack of teachers remains a big problem in Jakarta. Currently, the Capital City is still in need of 9 thousand teachers. After proposing 4.000 auxiliary teachers until 2017, the Education Office of Jakarta will select honorary teachers at schools. Each school will be asked to analyze their needs of teachers so that the actual number of honorary teachers needed is known.

Section Head of the Human Resources for Education of the Education Office of Jakarta, Amin Fathurrohman, said that they would continue tackling the lack of teacher problem by providing honorary teachers at schools. They are different from auxiliary teachers whose status is civil servant candidates (CPNS). Therefore, each school is asked to analyze what it actually needs. The analysis results will be important data on actual need of teachers at each school.

He revealed that the analyses will be carried out by school committees and headmaster will be the person in charge. Recruitment will be based on in-depth selection, starting from administration process, written tests, and physical tests to in-dept interviews. According to him, the process has complied with the standard issued by the Education Office of Jakarta.

The selection process will be open to the public. Honorary teachers who pass the selection will receive decrees of individual recruitment from the Education Office of Jakarta. He hopes that honorary teacher recruitments at schools will minimize the problem of lack of teacher.



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