Purwakarta Revokes the Obligation to Use LKS Books at School


Government of Purwakarta Regency, West Java, revoked the obligation to use student worksheet books (LKS) because it burdened students and diminished the creativity of teachers. Regent of Purwakarta, Dedi Mulyadi, Tuesday (21/9), said that the ban for distributing LKS becomes effective today.

He added that this policy related to the issuance of the recent ban on teachers giving academic homework to students. Banning LKS distribution has been undertaken to lessen the students’ burden because teachers often ask students to do LKS as their academic homework. Dedi explained that there would be no substitution for LKS so that teachers must be creative in suggesting work for their students to study at home.

The ban on the distribution of LKS books is in accordance with Purwakarta Regent Circular Letter Number 421.7/2156/Disdikpora on LKS Distribution Ban, dated 20 September 2016. Dedi said that he will supervise the implementation of this policy. For headmasters, teachers and supervisory personnel who ignore the regulation and continue to distribute LKS will be subject to sanctions.

Such sanctions will be in the form of removal from the position as headmaster for headmasters, and suspension from promotion for teachers, supervisors and other educational personnel.

To date, the use of LKS has been considered to be ineffective and even burdening students and “stifling” teachers’ creativity. LKS distribution has somehow become an opportunity for teachers to conduct business practice at school for the benefit of the publishers.

link: http://www.republika.co.id/berita/pendidikan/eduaction/16/09/21/odtpi9382-purwakarta-hapus-kewajiban-pakai-buku-lks-di-sekolah



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