SMK in Need of 90,000 Productive Teacher

Kompas, page 12

Vocational High Schools (SMK) are expected to provide skillful and ready-to-work graduate. But the facts show that they are now in crisis of lack of productive teachers, who play important roles in preparing students’ skills. Currently, there are only 35,057 (22%) productive teachers, compared to adaptive and normative (religion, language, mathematics, etc.) teachers of 126,599.

According to Kuntjoro B Dhiyauddin, headmaster of SMK Puger in Jember, East Java,  it is difficult to increase the number of productive teachers because they are required to have the minimum education background of D-IV/S-1 and suitable certification. Not all colleges, including Teacher Training College (LPTK), are able to meet the demands of SMK for productive teachers.

Recently, Minister of National Education and Cultures, Muhadjir Effendy, said that to strengthen SMKs the need for productive teachers reaches 90,000. Director for SMK Development of the Ministry, Mustagphfirin, said that to cope with the problems SMS prepares honorary instructors or teachers.

According to Mustagphfirin, there are five scenarios to meet the need for 90,000 productive teachers until 2019-2020: to recruit new teachers; to recognize past practitioners so that they meet the requirements to teach in SMS; to change the functions of normative teachers into productive teachers;  to promote teachers to have double qualification; and to invites guest teachers from industries for a short term period.



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