Teachers Association Protests Rise in UKG Results Standard

Suara Pembaruan, page 16

The Directorate General of Teachers and Educational Resources of the Ministry of National Education (Dirjen GTK), Sumarna Surapranata recently issued a new policy. It stipulated an increase in the minimum score required for passing Teachers Competency Test (UKG) from 40 to 80 and the provision for those who do not pass to retake the test.

In regard to this, Sekjen Federation of Indonesian Teachers Association (FSGI), Retno Listyarti said that a new regulation or policy must be disseminated and first tested by trial before being fully implemented. She added that directly implementation can be categorized as an arbitrary action of the authority because policies on education should not be top down and only be based on approval from the vice president.

Retno explained that although a teachers’ organization, FSGI networks had not received any dissemination, only obtaining information from the media when this new policy was stipulated. The increase in the score is too sharp since 8 or 80 UKG score was previously targeted for 2019 based on data of the increase in UKG results each year. In 2012, UKG score was determined at 4.2, 2014 at 4.7 and 2015 at 5.5 or 55. Logically, added Retno, for 2016, Kemendikbud should determine UKG score at 6.5 or 64 at an increase at 0.5 each year, so that in 2019, the score would be at 80.

In addition, it’s not enough to improve the quality of teachers just through UKG or Education and Training for the Teaching Profession (PLPG). What is required is a plan for the detailed and sustainable mapping of teachers’ needs in order to produce a suitable training program for them. She emphasized that the government must not only provide training on changes in the curriculum, but also improvement in the quality of education since the quality of students’ education is dependent on the teachers.



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