UGM to build Science Technopark in Kulonprogo

Gajah Mada University (UGM) will soon build science technopark in Kulonprogro Regency, DIY. This Science Technopark will play as teaching industry to distribute academic products and researches directly to people via industries.

Rector of the University Dwikorita Karnawati after opening UGM Expo 2016 at Grha Sabha Pramana (GSP) UGM, Tuesday (9/20) said that the concept is prepared to downstream results of innovative researches in various sectors. Besides, it will perform as a vehicle to develop and to improve vocational education in the University.

He said that currently UGM has developed health equipment in limited scale. In the future, UGM Science Technopark will produce health equipment in larger scale so that it will meet the demand for health equipment from not only the Medical faculty of the University but also the public. This health equipment development will reduce Indonesia’s dependence on imported products. In fact, currently, 90 percent of health equipment in Indonesia is imported.

In addition, UGM Science Technopark will also develop agroindustrial products, both foods and non-foods and products of new and renewed energy, manufactures, engineering, information technology and information. The UGM Science Technopark will be developed under cooperation between the University and the Regantal Government of Kulonprogo and industries.

Meanwhile, Director General of Planning and Development of UGM, Muhammad Sulaiman, added that the development of teaching industry was aimed at preparing quality human resources, especially vocational graduates. This teaching industry will be used to as a learning vehicle of vocational school students in UGM, in which they will be involved directly in the production chain process.




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