West Nusa Tenggara Developing Education


Head of Education Assessment of the Research and Development Agency in the Ministry of National Education and Cultures, Nizam, at Bappeda Office, Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara said on Monday (9/19) that Indonesia and Australia has determined a regency as a partnership to implement the Innovation Program for Indonesian School Children (Inovasi) in West Nusa Tenggara Province for the period of 2016-2019.  West Nusa Tenggara is the first province for the partnership program. The program will be implemented in six regencies: North Lombok, Central Lombok, Sumbawa, West Sumbawa, Dompu  and Bima.

Initially, the program would be implemented in two regencies. But, due to high enthusiasm of local regions, the number in increased. Subsequently, the innovation team will have road shows and meeting in the six regencies to introduce the program to local stakeholders and to facilitate those regencies in developing their potentials and coping with problems in the education sector.

Cooperation counselor from human resource development from the Australian Embassy, Sarah Lendon, said that the innovation program will identify problems faced by those regencies and search for the solution. Through this program they can support the Indonesian Government’s efforts to develop education directly in classrooms. They will provide pilot programs and replicate innovative solutions at schools and regencies.

The innovation team will cooperate with teachers, parents, principals, supervisors, regencies, and other stakeholders in order to pioneer breakthroughs. There will be researches on classroom actions, teachers’ capacities in classrooms, and feedbacks for all stakeholders including parents in relation to students’ learning performance.

Link: http://www.republika.co.id/berita/koran/kesra/16/09/20/odsjg717-ntb-kembangkan-pendidikan



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