559 Teachers in Sampang Not Yet Undergraduates


A total of 559 teachers in Sampang Regency, East Java are not yet undergraduates/ sarjana, despite this year the government has enacted Law Number 14 Year 2005 on teachers and lecturers that requires teacher educators to hold undergraduate diplomas.    The figure is in accordance with the data gathering results conducted until the first semester 2016.  This was disclosed by Anwar Haryono, Head of Educators Division at the Sampang Education Agency (Disdik).

According to the provisions, teachers who have yet to hold undergraduate diplomas are not allowed to teach.    However, due to the limited number of civil servant (PNS) teachers,   this does not apply in Sampang. Meanwhile, education institutions requiring educators increase, especially private schools.

He explained the Sampang Regency Administration does have a program to enhance teacher scientific knowledge, especially those yet to own undergraduate diplomas by providing scholarships. However, the number is limited yearly.

The number of teachers in Sampang Regency is now recorded at 8,273 people, comprised of 348 civil servant (PNS) teachers and 7,925 volunteers and temporary teachers.   From that number, a total of 338 people among them have passed the teacher certification program.

Anwar Hartono explained, to improve the quality of teacher knowledge, particularly those who have not held the sarjana diploma, his party holds the teacher professional training in stages.   There are 893 teachers, continued Anwar, who have done the training and this program, and would continue until all teachers (have completed).

In addition, another issue faced by Sampang is the problem of education means and infrastructure. Data of the number of education institutions in that territory whose school buildings require repair are a total of 479 schools or a total of 1,381 classrooms. From that figure 426 people among them are from basic level education namely Primary Schools (SD) or a total of 1,275 classrooms; and 53 junior high schools (SMP) or a total of 106 clsddon ruang kelas.

From the total number of 479 units of damaged schools, 118 units among them have obtained repair assistance from the central government.     Hence, the number of schools still needing repairs total 361 schools.

link: http://news.okezone.com/read/2016/09/20/65/1493757/559-guru-di-sampang-belum-sarjana



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