Disdik to Erect Tent Schools for Garut Flash Flood Victims


Some schools in Garut Regency, West Java are still flooded.  In addition, some schools are also damaged having been swept away by flash flood.   Head of Curriculum and Student Affairs Section of West Java Education Agency (Disdik) Ester Miori said on Thursday, (22/9/2016), she had not obtained detailed data on how many schools were affected and those still inundated.

However, her party has started to map a solution in order that education for student victims of the flash flood could still run.    However the conditions, their rights to education, according to her should still be met.    One solution to meeting the education rights of flash flood victims, Disdik would erect special tents.  There, teaching and learning activities would be conducted.

So far, he only just received a report that two special schools (SLB) are still flooded and they are closed to date.    Starting tomorrow, the SLB learning-teaching activities would be moved temporarily to tents or special places.  However for other schools affected he had yet to ascertain.  So that there is still no picture on how many tents or special places to be used for learning.

link: http://news.okezone.com/read/2016/09/22/65/1495697/disdik-akan-dirikan-sekolah-tenda-untuk-korban-banjir-bandang-garut



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