Fruitful Support of USAID

Kompas, page 12

Quality and relevance improvements of Indonesian higher education remain the works that the Government should finish amid its limitations. Therefore, the Government warmly welcomes supports from donating institutions.

Out of 4,402 universities, only 1,000 have been accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BANPT). Besides, only 26 universities have A accreditation score. The others mostly get C.

Director General of Science, Technology and Higher Education of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Patdono Suwignjo, said that holistic support for capacity building of 50 state and private universities across Indonesia will be implemented through, among others, Higher Education Leadership and Management (HELM) program from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The program should be continued though companionship activities will be completed this year.

The continuation of the quality program should be in fact shared with the other 4,000 universities, based on the experiences and models resulted from the five-year implementation of HELM. Over the five years, USAID spent US$19 million to develop modules for capacity building in leadership, administration, financial management, quality assurance, collaboration, and researches.



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