Innovation Must Be Based on Eco-Friendly Technology

Koran Sindo, page 2

The government encourages innovation in every sector of life. However, such innovation must be based on eco-friendly technology to prevent global damage in the future. Indonesia is very concerned about various innovations to achieve a better life, but these innovations must also consider the sustainability of the environment.

This was revealed by Puan Maharani, Coordinating Ministry for Development of Humanity and Culture (PMK) at the opening of Tangsel Global Innovation Forum (TGIF) at Puspitek Serpong, yesterday. This event was attended by 90 mayors from 47 countries, member of the World Technopolish Association (WTA). Kota Tangsel became a member of WTA in 2014 and was selected to be the first city in Indonesia to host this organization’s periodic event. WTA was established in 1998 in South Korea.

Puan asked developed countries to prioritize cooperation in establishing creative technology innovation, especially eco-friendly technology. She warned that there is a future threat of clean water scarcity and clean air problems. In light of this, innovations must also pay attention to the environment.

Puan added that we cannot let eco-friendly technology become a global issue for certain countries only. Eco-friendly technology must be achieved by Indonesian researchers at affordable cost. Eco-friendly technology can support sustainable development in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education, M Nasir, said that the key asset to equally improve Indonesian economy can be realized through 60,000 technoparks that are currently being established in certain regions. This creative innovation is expected to become a driver for the Indonesian economy and his Ministry will continue to encourage this strategic step.



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