Minister Denying Intervening Rector Election

Minister of Research, Technology, and Higher Education, Muhammad Nasir, at the House of Representative building, Jakarta, Wednesday (9/21), denied alleged power abuses in rector election in several universities. According to him, the rector election has been based on internal regulations of each university which refer to government regulations.

Nasir said that, in the process, nomination names are proposed to the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education by the relevant university. When those nominees have met the criteria, the process is continued to the election. Universities, he said, can submit three nominees.

The Ministry, Nasir added, has authority percentage of 35% in determining elected rector nominees. But, Nasir, asserted that he never breach the rule in using the authority. Nasir adminted that he has received an allegation of power abuse in rector election from the Ombudsman. He urged that the report is examined.

Previously, a member of the Ombudsman Indonesia for Natural and Human Resources, Laode Ida, urged the Ministry to evaluate his staffs’ performances. Laode said that over the last several months, he has received three reports of power abuse allegation committed by the Minister. The allegation refers to the implementation of rector election process. In addition to election process, the Minister has allegedly committed power abuse for 35% votes in rector election.




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