Solo Waiting for Written Decision on Full Day School Policy

The Ministry of National Education has raised the full day school discourse again. President Jokowi even asked that a start be made to piloting the program in several provinces.

In regard to this discourse, Department of Education, Youth and Sport (Dikpora) Kota Solo through its head, Etty Retnowati, prefers to wait for a decision from central government. She added that to date, there was no official written announcement.

They had obtained the information from the mass media and Dikspora Kota Solo was thus not sure whether Solo would be one of cities selected as a full day school trial location.

Should it be confirmed, her department is ready to consider preparing the schools in regard to facilities to make students feel comfortable in staying longer at school, especially for state schools in Kota Solo.

Etty revealed that despite certain state schools being ready to implement full day school, the preparation of school facilities should be a concern. She also admitted that there are many state schools in Kota Solo that are not ready for full day school.




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