Diploma Graduates to Obtain Professional Certification

Koran Sindo, page 16

Minister of Research, Technology, and Higher Education Muhammad Nasir said starting next year diploma graduates would obtain professional certification from the National Board for Professional Certification (BNSP). According to Nasir, for the initial stage, a total of 12 polytechnics have conducted cooperation with BNSP. Later, graduates from the 12 polytechnics would obtain diplomas and professional certificates. This was conveyed by Nasir after inauguration of the Director of Sea Land Polytechnic, Jakarta, yesterday.

He explained, in future, all vocational education would follow certification. Professional certification indicates that the graduates have expertise in their fields. In fact, in the maritime field, its certification institution is recognized worldwide. To prepare this, his party has established cooperation with various countries to send a number of lecturers to study abroad.

He also hoped the Tanah Laut polytechnics develop study programs that also focus on the issues of seas, fisheries, and maritime. This is a necessity, considering President Jokowi had set Nawacita one of its goals of which is to realize Indonesia as an independent, advanced/progressive, strong maritime country, and based on national interests.



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