Eight Schools Damaged by Flood in Garut


Eight schools consisting of primary, junior high and high schools in Garut, West Java, were damaged by flash flood disaster from the Cimanuk River overflow.  Head of Basic Education of the Garut Regency Education Agency, Totong explained that there were eight schools whose facilities and infrastructure as well as their river dikes collapsed due to flood.

He said that the flood-damaged schools were State Junior High School/SMPN 3 and SMPN 5 Tarogong Kidul, SMPN 2 Banyuresmi and Primary School/SDN Sukaratu in Banyuresmi Sub-district, SMP and SMA PGRI in Cimacan, School for Special Needs/SLB A, B, and C in Tarogong Kidul, and Islamic Integrated Primary School/SDIT Muhammadiyah. He also said that the schools were damaged because they were in areas not far from the Cimanuk River.

Totong added that the flood has damaged the teaching and learning facilities, including the school structures. Data of the damages had been noted by the Garut Education Agency and would henceforth be repaired.

Totong said that he had submitted request for repairs for the flood damaged schools  to the West Java Provincial Administration  and the Central Government. His party has coordinated with the West Java Provincial administration and the Ministry of Education and Culture on the issue of schools affected by the floods.

Link: http://www.beritasatu.com/nasional/387734-delapan-sekolah-rusak-akibat-banjir-di-garut.html



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