Kemendikbud Allocates Rp20 Billion for Restoring Schools in Garut

Minister of National Education (Mendikbud), Muhadjir Effendy, while visiting a number of schools in Garut, West Java, Thursday (22/9), said that the Ministry of National Education (Kemendikbud) has allocated Rp20 billion to aid schools in Garut, West Java affected by the flash flood.

Meanwhile, Directorate General of Primary and Secondary Education of Kemendikbud, Hamid Muhammad, said that in fact the calculation on material losses of schools affected by the flood has not been provided. However, during the emergency response period, Kemendikbud through the department of education will calculate such losses. Hamid explained that emergency response period means the period to clean the schools.

According to the data provided by the Department of Education of Garut Regency, the damaged schools include SD IT Muhammadiyah Tarogong Kidul, SDN Sukaratu 1 Banyuresmi, SLB C Rumah Sakit, SLB A Rumah Sakit, Kober Al Bayibah Namyusresmi and Kober Al Muarofah Banyuresmi. In addition, SMPN 2 Banyuresmi, SMPN 3 Tarogong Kidul, SMPN 5 Tarogong Kidul, SMPN 2 Samarang, SMPN 3 Cisurupan, SMP Qurrota’ayun Samarang, SMP PGRI Garut and SMA PGRI Garut were also affected.

One of teachers from SLB A, Herawati, explained that the flash flood occurred on Wednesday (21/9) night totally destroying the school’s archives and resulting in educational activities (KBM) being suspended for a week. Currently, cleaning and sterilizing operations to restore the school environment are being carried out before again starting KBM activities.




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