FDS Policy Should be Flexible

Media Indonesia, page 13

The Ministry of Education and Culture’s (Kemendikbud) plan to continue the implementation of a full day school policy (FDS) should consider the aspects of diversity. Meaning that it cannot be equally applied for every region in Indonesia.

According to education expert Doni Koesoema, the stressing should not be on the issues of the FDS but rather on the strengthening of character education that is based on solid and rational principles. Therefore, implementation should be adapted to the conditions of each region.

Doni explained that essentially the ideal concept to be used should be in line with what has been aspired by Ki Hadjar Dewantara, and that is to prioritize the synergy among the processing of the physical, the mind, the taste, and the feelings. All four should be translated into learning in school through extracurricular and non-curricular activities.

Previously, the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) stated that it would continue its FDS policy with try outs or pilot projects in a number of schools. Related to the plan, House Commission X member, Reni Marlinawati advised the government to comprehensively map out the schools in provinces to be included in the try outs.

She said that in practice the quality of state schools is far below private schools that have implemented the FDS concept.  Moreover, state schools located in the regions are a real concern/ poor condition, making them difficult to implement FDS. In addition to school data mapping, the government should also have thorough academic analysis related to the plan.


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