Improve Teacher Competence

Kompas, page 11

Teacher competence improvement and violence in education are two key issues currently in the spotlight. To address it, the government is expected to continue to strive to bring in qualified teachers that really have souls as educators. One of the efforts to improving the quality of teachers to become professional teachers the government had taken was through teacher certification. A total of 69,259 teachers, both appointed before 2005 as well as after that year, would be certified at the government’s cost. Starting this year, the passing mark/grade is set at a minimum of 80 and a chance to retake of four times in a year.

Director General of Teachers and Education Personnel Ministry of Education and Culture Sumarna Surapranata said teacher certification through teacher professional education and training (PLPG) in 15 universities is sufficient to be taken once. If a teacher does not pass the certification test, the following learning is conducted independently.

Acting Chairperson of the Board of the Indonesian Teachers’ Association (PGRI) Unifah Rosyidi said, the certification model continues to change, the requirements are increasingly difficult/strict, and not in accordance with the provisions in Government Regulation (PP) Number 74 Year 2008 on Teachers. According to her, the passing grade is commonly 60, as applicable in other exams.   According to Unifah, now, the important thing to do is to improve the quality of teachers through sustainable development facilitated by the government so teachers are encouraged to continue improving themselves. Not by the approach of sanctions and complicating teachers.

Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Teachers Muhammad Ramli deems, PLPG is the entrance to obtain teacher professional allowance. It is reasonable if the standard to obtaining it is improved. According to Ramli, teachers who receive allowances for nearly 10 years are also still problematic. Around 6.1 percent of 2.69 million teachers who passed the competence test are considered not needing to learn anymore. The rest, 93.9 percent must undergo education and training.



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