KIP Not of Interest to School Drop Out Children

Indopos, page 16

It has turned out that the Smart Indonesia Program (PIP) through the distribution of the Indonesia Smart Cards (KIP) for school-age children ranging   6 to 21 years   was less desired by the school dropout children. Until 19 September 2016, the number of student data submitted to primary and secondary education database (Dapodik) has only reached 10.7 million people. And those registered were only students enrolled in schools.

The Director General of Primary and Secondary Education (Dikdasmen) of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Hamid Muhammad said that a total of 10.7 million students to receive KIP funds are in school. While his party has not received reports of the school drop outs. He said that the lack of interest from school dropouts could possibly be due to the lack of familiarizing and data collection from the respective villages/village-head office.    Ideally it should be that every village head/lurah has data on the number of school dropouts. This data is then submitted to the school principals.

Meanwhile, students in Papua and West Papua are more fortunate. Without looking at the students’ background whether they are from rich or poor families, the Ministry of Education and Culture has decided to give/distribute Indonesia Smart Card (KIP) funds to all school-age children in those provinces. This special policy is taken because many of the field staff have failed to obtain actual data. The constraints are related more on technical issues.



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