PTS Asked to be More Selective in Recruiting Faculty

Director General of Science Technology and Higher Education Resources Kemenristek Dikti Ali Ghufron Mukti asked private universities to be more selective in recruiting faculty. He said if private universities (PTS) wished to advance they should not only recruit lecturers based on sibling relations, but to be really selective based on qualifications held.

According to Ali Ghufron, in addition to qualified lecturers, Foundation management with private universities (PTS) it oversees must also have the same vision in advancing the quality of education. Similarly, not to just be managed by family.

He expects all private universities with the foundations overseeing them to be truly professional in managing and advancing their alma mater.

Moreover, Ali Ghufron also asked private universities to be able to encourage their faculty to improve competencies by continuing their education levels.

To support this, according to him,   the Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristek Dikti) in collaboration with the Education Fund Management Institution (LPDP) has provided 2,300 scholarships to improve faculty human resources (HR) in universities. In addition, Ali Ghufron also expects the lecturers in PTS to improve the spirit of conducting research as well as daring to write articles in international scientific journals.




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