Scholarship Program for Lecturer to Study Abroad Does Not Meet the Quota

Koran Sindo, page 2

Low scores in the English test resulted in 1,000 lecturers fail to enroll in the scholarship program of Beasiswa Unggulan Dosen Indonesia (BUDI) Luar Negeri (LN) from Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristek Dikti). Only 168 of the total participants passed despite an available quota for 300 people.

John Pariwono, expert staff of Dirjen Sumber Daya Iptek Dikti of Kemenristek Dikti in Jakarta, revealed this yesterday (25/9). He added that attention must be paid to this issue because lecturers must have good English skills considering that most educational literature is written in English. In addition, their existence in the world of international education is marked by their scientific work published in English language journals.

John explained that Kemenristek Dikti has in fact launched a program to improve English skills for lecturers. However, this program cannot cover all lecturers across Indonesia due to many limitations. In addition to their weakness in the English test, these lecturers also failed to provide the complete documentation required, among other reasons.

According to the data from Higher Education Database (PDPT) of Kemenristek Dikti, only 10.6% of lecturers have a doctoral degree. This number is far below the 20% target for doctoral degree needed to meet the requirement for national development of Indonesian human resources.



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