Strengthening Should Not Burden Schools

Kompas, page 13, Saturday, Sept 24

Character education is actually inherent in education that goes on in school. Therefore, strengthening of character education should only be an effort to better prepare and provide perspective to actors of education in school on the importance of consciously running character education. Itje Chodidjah, education practitioner, is of the opinion that strengthening of character education should not further burden with a new curriculum or additional hours. According to her, character education not yet running in school to date is due to the procedures that have not yet grounded with the daily life in school.

Itje asserted, schools should understand that strengthening character education could be done through activities already underway, but no longer sporadic. Hence, there should be available modules as practical as possible. Supervision from the school principal and school supervisors should also be running. So the school education ecosystem is well formed.

Liestyani Dhamayanti, School Vice Principal of SMP Negeri 12 Surakarta, Central Java, said character education has been conducted in her school. As a pilot school for the implementation of Curriculum 2013, character education implicitly enters into the social attitude part. Several characters among them are honesty, discipline, and responsibility, has been conveyed directly in line with the demands of basic competence.

She added character education should be capable of delivering children to master good behavior, to become part of the child, not a mere knowledge. Children should understand what it is to be honest, but more importantly is to behave honestly.


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