FDS will be Initiated in 500 Schools

Media Indonesia, page 13

The Ministry of National Education (Kemendikbud) will continue to implement full day school (FDS) with certain limitations despite a number of critics from society. Some 500 schools will undertake a pilot implementation project.

The implementation will include SMP and SMA level schools in several regions in Indonesia that are ready to undertake FDS. The schools to implement FDS are in the category of superior schools under Kemendikbud, local government initiative and private school educational institutions such as schools managed by Muhammadiyah, Nahdlatul Ulama plus Catholic and Protestant schools.

Mendikbud Muhadjir Effendy revealed this to Media Indonesia at Gedung Kemendikbud, Jakarta, Monday (26/9). However, he stated that the FDS assessment team of Kemendikbud will continue to discuss and develop its implementation. For private educational institutions, his Ministry has merely accepted their proposal or FDS application to be considered by the team from Kemendikbud.

On a different occasion, the Dirjen of Primary and Secondary Education of Kemendikbud, Hamid Muhammad, explained that the data of FDS participants is still being collected by the team. He further revealed that all private schools were applying and none of them had been appointed.

In relation to the implementation of the FDS program, which recently raised pro and contra in society, M Abduh Zen, an education practitioner, reminded Kemendikbud that they should first properly prepare the school environment and teachers. In addition, facilities for extracurricular activities that can be enjoyed by students must also be prepared.



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