Lecturers Fail to Meet Quota for Scholarships to Study Abroad (BUDI)

Media Indonesia, page 13

Previous news reported that of the quota of 300 scholarships for Indonesian lecturers (BUDI) to study abroad, this year only 55% or some 167 lecturers had passed the selection criteria. This occurred because of the weakness of most lecturers in the skills of writing in English.

This condition is highly alarming considering the efforts of the government through the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristek Dikti) to improve the quality of Indonesian lecturers.

Dirjen Sumber Daya Iptek Dikti of Kemeristek Dikti, Ali Ghufron Mukti, in a seminar entitled Inspiring International Research Excellence in Jakarta, confirmed this issue on Monday (26/9). The lack of writing skills resulted in the lecturers not being able to continue their education abroad. Ghufron hoped that the writing skills of the lecturers can be improved through a program in cooperation with Australian Technology Network (ATN).

This seminar also discussed a research writing in various fields including science, technology, technical, mathematic, humanism, art and social science. His Department also has a research cooperation whose results are expected to be published in international journals. Ghufron hoped that this program can bring a positive impact on the development of qualification and competency of the lecturers and education personnel.

This seminar was an effort by the government to provide and facilitate the lecturers to update their science knowledge plus gather those who have a potential to continue their education degree, especially for a doctoral education (S-3) to Australia.

Meanwhile, Manager of ATN for Indonesia, Josephine Ratna, explained that the weakness of lecturers in writing does not only appeared in the research but also in their applications to the foreign universities offered by BUDI.



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