Student Research Develops

Kompas, page 12

Student interest in research grows and develops. In addition to increasing in terms of number of works, the research topics are also relevant to real life. This is reflected in the Youth Scientific Works Competition (LKIR) and National Young Inventor Awards (NYIA) which is held again this year.   LKIR netted 58 finalists. Chairperson of the LKIR Council of Judges Tri Nuke Pudjiastuti said, this year, the number of LKIR proposals submitted reached 3,203 works, increasing from last year (2,041 works). Whereas NYIA  netted 29 student findings/inventions from several regions of Indonesia. For NYIA, a total of 868 inventions were submitted. According to Tri, this proves the research interests of the young generation increasingly develops.

Students following the LKIR and NYIA arena were inspired by daily problems/issues. For example, the portable washer made by Azy Ilham Sudibyo and Tio Pidie Lesmana of SMP Negeri 1 Subang. Whereas Fauzan Fadliansyah and Muhammad Rahadi of SMA Taruna Bakti, Bandung, found material to retain corrosion rate on metal furniture. The material was blended from the extracts of guava, tea, and noni leaves.

Not to be outdone, Aan Aria Nanda and Feriawan Tan, students of SMA Negeri 1 Tarakan, North Kalimantan,  found/invented the detector of carbon gas in the air. This had been inspired by the haze that hit Tarakan in November 2015. The invention also delivered Aan and Feriawan to win the gold medal in the International Exhibition for Young Inventors in China, last July.

The ranks of judges, including international judge Alan West and Gerard Hughes were impressed with the innovations and ethos of the participants. They underwent a four month journey, starting from sending the proposal, mentoring, to final completion. It is a sign of  high spirits to uphold science.



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