Inclusive Schools Will Also Implement FDS

Republika, page 4

Ministry of National Education (Kemendikbud) is planning to implement the strengthening of character building (PPK) or full day school at 500 schools across Indonesia. In addition, Kemendikbud has also appointed certain inclusive schools to implement this program.

Expert Staff of Mendikbud for Character Building, Arie Budiman, said on Tuesday (27/9) that there were some inclusive schools that take part in the pilot project. However, he did not provide details on which inclusive schools will be a target for the PPK program. One of the consideration of Kemendikbud for including inclusive schools is that it will represent diversity.

Arie added that the implementation will be adjusted for students with disabilities who study at inclusive schools based on their condition. Kemendikbud is currently preparing training and modules of PPK implementation for teachers at inclusive schools. This early program of PPK will not be implemented in special schools (SLB), however.

Mendikbud Muhadjir Effendy, on a different occasion, said that his Ministry will implement this character building program as a basis for students who want to enter the working world or entrepreneurship and continue their education. The development of PPL aims at personal development so that students can improve themselves according to their particular skills and excellence.



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