Kemendikbud Praises PAUD Initiator

Media Indonesia, page 10

The participation of society in improving access and the quality of early childhood education (PAUD) deserves an award. To date, the access to PAUD has increased the national Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) to 70.1%. Society has played a major role and shown real initiative in making this possible.

This was revealed by Directorate General of PAUD and Society Education of Kemendikbud, Harris Iskandar at a press conference at Kemendikbud. He invited local government, civil society, entrepreneurs, communities and individuals to continue improving the quality of PAUD services to ensure that every child can reach their optimum growth potential during their early ages.

Director PAUD of Kemendikbud, Ella Yulaelawati, said that in order to show their appreciation towards PAUD initiators, her department will hold an event of National PAUD Award this year with a theme of Gerakan Nasional PAUD Berkualitas: Memberikan awal terbaik bagi masa depan anak. This award to be held on Thursday (29/9) is dedicated for teachers, group heads and mothers.




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