Ministry Selects 500 for Full-Day School Trial

The Culture and Education Ministry has selected 500 elementary and secondary schools across Jakarta for the trial of the full-day school program. Minister Muhadjir Effendi, who announced the program last month, said he would welcome any school that wanted to voluntarily register for the trial.

He added that under the plan, the school-hour extension would partly be used for character-building activities. Furthermore, it will also purportedly guarantee students’ safety until their parents finish work.

He went on to say that the plan did not mean students would spend their entire school day in normal classes, but they would be involved in extracurricular activities to develop their character and potential. Students will not go directly home after learning sessions are over. They will engage in fun activities to develop their character, personality and potential.

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo earlier said he supported the program as it would strengthen students’ character by, among other things, cultivating their national identity, manners, politeness, ethics and religious values.




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