PPK Not Merely Ritual

Kompas, page 12

The Character Education Strengthening Program conducted by the Ministry of Education and Culture should be targeting more deeply.   This program should not be merely the application of religious rituals or nationalism. Character Education Strengthening (PPK) also needs to involve various aspects, ranging from school management, creativity, appreciation towards local culture, and tolerance.  It was conveyed by Mendikbud Expert Staff for Character Development Arie Budhiman.

Arie reminded, the principle of character education brings universal moral values. Rituals are a small part of the overall PPK concept. The perception of educators should be the same that character education upholds universal moral values, equitable, inclusive, and in sync with the local culture.   The approach of PPK application also varies from one school to another.   This approach is followed through the creativity of educators, parents, and the local community.

Currently, some schools are deemed to generally still define character education as additional religious ritual. Actually, in the components of religiosity, there is the aspect of relationship among peoples and human responsibility towards nature.   In addition, the component of nationalism is also still defined limited to flag ceremony ritual and singing national songs.

Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir Effendy said PPK is not a government project.   Meaning, there is no funding disbursed to schools that become program trial places.   A total of 42 schools taking part in the trial are selected based on the means and infrastructure portfolio they have.   There are those selected due to being in the frontier, outermost, and disadvantaged regions.



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