TKI Children Access to Education in Malaysia Limited

Koran Sindo, page 16

Education access for children of Indonesian migrant workers (TKI) in Malaysia is still limited. It is recorded that of 53,687, only 24,856 children obtain education. Director General of Teachers and Education Personnel Ministry of Education and Culture Sumarna Surapranata said for Malaysia there is already a cooperation between both countries to be able to establish schools for the TKI children. Noted are 338 teachers teaching in Malaysia, 223 teachers are on duty, and 115 teachers recently dispatched.

Based on Kemendikbud data, the 24,856 TKI children in Malaysia study in Kota Kinabalu Indonesian School or Sekolah Indonesia Kota Kinabalu (SIKK) a total of 927 persons, 69 Community Learning Center (CLC) of primary school (SD) level a total of 8,122 children, 140 CLC junior high school (SMP) 3,224 children, and 134 Humana Learning Center a total of 12,583 children.

He mentioned there were still many TKI children in other countries who wished to be in school.   Unfortunately, there has not been any cooperation in the dispatch of teachers as in Malaysia between the government of Indonesia and several other placement/ destination countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Hongkong, or Vietnam.

Meanwhile, Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir Effendy said the role borne by teachers in Malaysia is quite profound.  Because they must be able to introduce Indonesia to the TKI children as well as maintaining the dignity of the Indonesian people in other countries.   In addition to instilling a sense of pride as an Indonesian, he explained, the teachers must also develop the potentials of the learners to become people who are faithful and devoted.   Each student must also be educated to become noble, physically and mentally healthy, creative, independent, and become a democratic and responsible citizen.



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