Improving the Quality of PAUD becomes a Worldwide Commitment

Suara Pembaruan, page 11

Dirjen of PAUD and Society Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud), Harris Iskandar, said that improving early childhood education (PAUD) has become a worldwide commitment. Early childhood development has been stated in the agenda of the United Nations since 2000.

Harris added that there is Putrajaya Declaration for Asia-Pacific regions containing a joint agenda for achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). By 2030, the world commits to ensuring that all children obtain access to qualified early childhood development, care and education to prepare them to enter elementary school (SD).

Harris explained that as PAUD has become a worldwide commitment to achieve SDG by 2030, preparing qualified PAUD education is, therefore, necessary. Currently, his Department is gradually disseminating the importance of PAUD to society and inviting children over a year old to join PAUD.

Furthermore, in order to appreciate the participation of society in improving access to PAUD, his Department will hold a PAUD award event at the national level this year.



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