Parents Support Plan to Limit Gadget Use

The Jakarta Post, page 2

Parents who are worried about their children’s acute dependence on gadgets have expressed positive feedback over the government’s plan to impose a policy limiting the use of gadgets among children.

The government has planned to issue a regulation limiting the use of the internet and gadgets by children after recent case of rampant pornography and prostitution with children as victims.

Ratih Komala, 33, said although she had yet to learn the specifics of the regulation, she supports the plan because her 3-year-old toddler has become addicted to using technology. Ratih said it sounds like a good plan, but how does it work? For parents, sometimes there are feelings of relief when our kids stay at home and remain pacified, but it can also be dangerous for them if they are too addicted to them [gadgets] and forget how to socialize with their friends.

Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Minister Yohana Yambise said on Wednesday the addiction of children to gadgets and the internet has reached a worrying stage, prompting her to create a government regulation (PP) to limit children’s access to technology.

The ministry’s child protection deputy, Wahyu Hartomo, told The Jakarta Post that one point included in the regulation is to encourage regional governments and regional education agencies to regulate the use of gadgets in their respective areas. He said one of the points is to regulate parents who wish to buy mobile phones for children. If their child is still in junior high school, their mobile phone should be the kind that only have the function to send messages and call without features that allow access to the internet, which expose them to harmful content.

Parents who fail to comply with this law, once enacted, will be punished. He said we have yet to determine the form of punishment – whether it would be in the form of social sanction or something else.



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