Teachers Become Learning Media

Kompas, page 11

Character education strengthening program training or PPK for teachers and education personnel from pilot schools is expected to break down the teaching methods that are generally too technical. This program cannot run if teachers and education personnel are unable to think creatively.

Education counselor of the University of Education Indonesia, Mamat Supriyatna, said Wednesday (28/9), PPK is aimed to familiarize/make a habit of character education in the daily life of the school environment. Its five components are nationalism, integrity, mutual cooperation, independence, and religiosity.

According to Mamat, the five components do not stand alone in certain subjects, but must be included in all matters discussed in school. For example, in the subject of mathematics, students could learn how to calculate/count exactly, and teachers should provide input that counting/calculating skills could be utilized in various types of work and skills useful/beneficial in developing the nation.

Similarly, Lanny Anggraini of the School Literacy Task Force of the Ministry of Education and Culture, said, that teachers have the role as learning medium in school. Teachers could create a story tailored to the level of students’ development and creatively expose stories using visualization, if the school does not have story books.



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