University Graduates Requested to Innovate

Republika, page 4

Bogor Mayor Bima Arya invited graduates of universities to innovate in line with the knowledge they have. According to him, the city administration is very much open to inviting alumni and students to be involved in development/construction.

It was revealed when Bima delivered his speech at Unsada graduation in Jakarta, Tuesday (27/9). Bima also requested the entire academic circle to provide real/tangible work to develop the region.

Meanwhile, Unsada Rector, Dadang Solihin welcomed the Bogor Mayor’s invitation. According to him, the academic circle has a social responsibility to the community/society.  Dadang asked Unsada graduates it is only right they work and provide a positive role in the community. He also asked the graduates to never give up, to continue studying and still be humble.

Dadang added, in the 30 years of Unsada, it is fitting to be a ripe age for independence, developing, and continue working as well as serving the community. Therefore, to celebrate this 30th year, Unsada organizes a series of various activities and services to the surrounding community.



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