14,545 Poor Students of Yogyakarta Receive Education Assurance


A total of 14,545 students from poor families holders of towards prosperity cards of Yogyakarta City received regional education assurance from the Yogyakarta City Administration with a total value of Rp23 billion. Head of Technical Implementation Unit or Unit Pelaksana Teknis (UPT) of the Regional Education Assurance or Jaminan Pendidikan Daerah (JPD) of Yogyakarta City Suryatmi said the education assurance has started to be disbursed last week.

According to her, poor students receiving regional education assurance are not only students enrolled in schools in Yogyakarta City alone, but also from out of town. The number of poor students recipients of aid who are in school in Yogyakarta City total 14,193 students with total funds of Rp22.15 billion, whereas poor students attending school out of town are recorded at 352 students with total aid of Rp855.3 million.

The assistance fund varies in accordance with the school level. State kindergarten (TK negeri) students obtain Rp700,000 in assistance and Rp1.4 million for private kindergarten (TK swasta) students. State primary school (SD negeri) students receive Rp700,000 and Rp1.7 million is for private SD students. State junior high school (SMP negeri) students obtain Rp800,000 and Rp2.5 million for private SMP. Then students of state high schools/ vocational high schools (SMA/SMK negeri) obtain Rp3.7 million; private SMA students receive Rp3.5 million, and Rp4.5 million for private SMK students. The entire assistance funds directly enter the school account because the funds are used for operational costs and other needs.

She said it is possible there are still students not yet recorded. Therefore, she continued, poor students from families holders of towards prosperity cards or kartu menuju sejahtera who are not yet recorded, hence not obtaining regional education assurance funds, are asked to report to the schools.

Link: http://www.antaranews.com/berita/587380/14545-siswa-miskin-yogyakarta-terima-jaminan-pendidikan



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