Disaster Simulation Should Enter School Curriculum


Chairman of Regional House Commission IV Padang City, West Sumatera, Surya Jufri said disaster simulation should enter the education curriculum in schools in that region. According to him, it should be the consideration of the local Education Agency (Disdik). If indeed it is felt to be urgent, then it is time Disdik makes this as one of the teaching materials in school.

According to Jufri, by entering disaster (preparedness) education in the local schools, the materials should become the solution for the young generation in facing disasters that occur in the region.

In this regard, there should also be prepared the teachers in the schools. Or another alternative he said was disaster education could also be made as one of the extracurricular (subjects/activities) in the form of training. It could later be considered in what form the material is given, what is important in the end is students know how to face disasters and are really prepared. However, before being actually determined, he said, the related agencies need to conduct a study to what extent is the importance of the disaster education to be made into local content or extracurricular activity in school.

Meanwhile, founder cum activist of the Padang City Tsunami Alert Community or Komunitas Siaga Tsunami (Kogami), Patra Dewi, conveyed disaster education is much needed, especially for school-age children.

Link: http://www.antaranews.com/berita/587365/simulasi-kebencanaan-hendaknya-masuk-kurikulum-sekolah


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