USAID Donates 4,896 Books and Training on Their Use

Some 34 primary education teachers, headmasters and supervisors from nine SDs/MIs under Gugus 1 Setia Bakti, Aceh Jaya, have completed tiered reading books training for three days at SDN 11 Setia Bakti, Thursday (29/9). At this event, some 4,896 tiered reading books were donated to schools.

Secretary of Department of Education, Youth and Sport for Aceh Jaya, Edwar SPd appreciated this program of USAID Prioritas that donated books and also provided the training. Edwar added that USAID Prioritas not only donated books but also trained the teachers in understanding how to best use them.  He also hoped that those books could be properly used by schools as have been practiced in the training.

Tiered reading books from the donation comprise six categories with various tiers or levels of difficulty. The levels start from the easiest for students who have just started to learn to read through to higher levels for students who are already fluent in reading.

Said Ridha, program assistant B3 USAID Prioritas Aceh Jaya said that with training for teachers and also the implementation of the reading method, students in the primary class are expected to not only recognize the letters and read sentences but also understand the content of what they read.





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