Education Position Down

Kompas, page 13, Saturday, Oct 1

The decline in Global Competitiveness in the World Economic Forum is among others due to the decline in basic education (7-12 years) enrollment. This global competitiveness index was formulated based on 12 pillars, including basic education and health. In the period of 2014-2017, Indonesia’s Global Competitiveness Index ranked 41st, declining from 37th ranking in the previous period. The index which probes 138 countries measures the achievement of the basic education field by calculating the net enrollment rate (APM).

In the index, the percentage of Indonesia’s children aged 7-12 years sitting in primary school (SD) and equivalent declined. For the period of 2016-2017, the index states only 89.7 percent of children aged 7-12 years are in school (ranked 106th). Actually, in the period of 2015-2016 there were 92.2 percent (ranked 80th).

Head of Planning and International Cooperation Ministry of Education and Culture Suharti questioned the source and method of calculation used by the World Economic Forum. According to Suharti, their data was contrary to government data.   Kemdikbud 2015-2016 data mentioned 93.4 percent of children aged 7-12 years attend school.  Whereas data of the Central Statistics Agency stated, 2015 Primary School net enrollment rate was 96.7 percent.

Meanwhile, Head of the Sub-directorate of Higher Education Bappenas Amich Alhumami said what was generated by the index does not necessarily indicate that Indonesia’s development slumped. One aspect that is noteworthy is the speed of development, including in education. Countries that overtake Indonesia have faster education growth. According to Amich, this was related to the total population and geographical spread which might not be as great and as complicated as Indonesia.



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