House Member: Early Childhood Education Needs Attention

Member of the Indonesian House of Representatives Commission X, Popong Otje Djundjunan requested the government to pay attention to early childhood education. According to Popong, the nation’s character and Indonesia’s development in future would be very dependent on early childhood children, because the effects of such education are long term.

Early childhood education, he said, should already be the concern of the government, not to be left to the private sector alone, so the government could pay attention to how the nation’s shoots grow and of strong character to later defend their homeland. If the early period of the nation’s children is not paid attention to, he said then the future of this country would be destroyed because they too would later not care about their country.

For example, he said, kindergarten (TK) children nowadays are required to be able to read or count/arithmetic, this is so wrong because this is their time/period to play. Actually, behind all this there are things that must be better developed by allowing them freedom to play.
He mentioned, Indonesia’s education system is currently very imbalanced, such that children’s play time is disrupted. This he said very much affects them mentally in future and results in the children’s nature and character.   He added, if the government pays attention to early childhood education, it would closely relate to the nation’s future.




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