Hundreds of Jakarta Teachers Follow Learner Teacher Training

The government is very serious in improving the competencies and quality of teacher human resources (HR). One of the programs is the kindergarten (TK) teacher training, which is a collaboration among the Center for the Development & Empowerment of Educators and Education Personnel (P4TK), the DKI Education Agency and the Association of Kindergarten Teachers (IGTK).

Chairperson of IGTK DKI Jakarta Yati said in DKI Jakarta, learner teacher training is conducted routinely on Saturdays and Sundays. According to Yati, the learner teacher training activity which is conducted simultaneously in five DKI Jakarta territories is followed by hundreds of TK teachers. This training is very enthusiastically followed by teachers.

Meanwhile, Learner Teacher National Instructor Coordinator Eka Putri Handayani said the training activity included face to face (learning) and purely online, helping and guiding the training participating teachers to better understand the nature of a kindergarten/ early childhood teacher. Including training kindergarten teachers to master computer technology as learning media.




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