Interactive Digital Books Help Students to Study

The digital learning model has currently become more familiar to students. Digital learning provides an opportunity for the availability of digital books that can assist students to become more interactive in their study activities. Gunawan Suryoputro, a member of Primary and Secondary Education Council for PP Muhammadiyah, said that interactive digital books are interesting, innovative and creative for learning activities. They also have a stronger appeal because of their visual content.

Gunawan added that digital books can become a major help for teachers in teaching their students. The creative contents attract students to learn more and this helps students to more easily understand.

Chief of Marketing for Pesona Edu, Ira Anindita, said that the education world is evolving into a digital era. The availability of tablets provides the chance for students to study anywhere and at any time, or obtain any information from the vast resources on the internet. Ira added that schools as educational institutions have started to improve their performance by adopting digital learning in classroom learning activities. For example, teachers use a laptop or tablet in the learning activities.

Materials contained in interactive digital books are presented in similar appearance to those in printed books, plus are enriched with high quality interactive simulation and animation, audio narration and other interactive features embedded in a single application. Nowadays, this digital book application has already been used in certain schools in Jakarta, Pangkalpinang and Batam.




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