Kemendikbud Claims KIP Distribution Nearly Complete

Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) claims the distribution of Smart Indonesia Cards (KIP) is nearly complete.   A total of 17,067,951 (95.2 percent) of a total target of 17.9 million KIP is claimed to have been received by target households or rumah tangga sasaran (RTS). Director General of Primary and Secondary Education (Dirjen Dikdasmen) Hamid Muhammad said that until 28 September 2016 a total of 17,067,951 (95.2 percent) of cards have been received by target households (RTS).

He said, there were 765,193 (4.3 percent) of cards still in the process of delivery. In addition, he continued, there were 94,164 (0.5 percent) of cards returned by recipients.    The reason was, recipient unknown, moved (of address), and died. He also mentioned there were also recipients who rejected receiving KIP because they felt they could afford or they had graduated.

Then, Hamid continued, based on education basic data (Dapodik), a total of 10,793,830 students/learners had registered their cards to the schools/ education institutions. Respectively are KIP or KPS recipient students, or those originating from families recipients of Social Security Cards or Kartu Perlindungan Sosial (KPS) and the Hope Family Program or Program Keluarga Harapan (PKH).

For students who have not obtained KIP, but come from underprivileged families could use Underprivileged Certificates or Surat Keterangan Tidak Mampu (SKTM) as a requirement for registration of KIP recipients in Dapodik. Hamid said Kemendikbud has channeled PIP funds to 10.2 million students. Whereas students who withdrew the funds through participating banks, there were recorded a total of 3.9 million students.

He added, appointed banks have added their hours of operation. In addition, they also come to schools in remote areas. As well as facilitating collective disbursement for regions meeting criteria.




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