KIP Recipient Quota Request for Additions

Republika, page 5

The Chairperson of the Smart Indonesia Movement Yanti Sriyulianti said on Sunday (2/10) that a number of regions have proposed additional KIP beneficiaries. The additions are to fill the gap caused by students who should have been KIP recipients, but returned their KIPs. She would directly submit the complete data on Monday (3/10).

She recorded that there were at least eight groups that have not been entered as KIP beneficiaries. Firstly, the children assisted by SOS Indonesia. She said that most of them are children with social welfare issues.  Secondly, the students who were victims of the 21 September 2016 Garut regency flash flood.  She considered these children deserve to receive the KIP as they were affected by the disaster.

Thirdly, data of senior high school (SMA) and vocational high school (SMK) students in Sopeng Regency, South Sulawesi that have been proposed to be entitled to obtain KIP,  have already been inputted in Dapodik.  Fourthly, the data of non-formal education learners from West Java.  She explained there were some regencies that proposed, namely the Regencies of Majalengka, Cianjur, Subang, Bogor, and Bandung City.

Fifthly, the data of by name by address (BNBA) child workers who have also registered as PKH participants from the Ministry of Manpower. Sixthly, the data recap of KIP from Islamic Schools/Madrasah.  The data of BNBA children participants of PKH in the Provinces of Papua and West Papua.

Seventh, the data of 5.7 million BNBA children participants of PKH from across Indonesia; also included in the integrated database (BDT) under the Ministry of Social Affairs. Eighth, the student data based on complaints or reports from the public due to being rejected by schools; they attached a Notification of being Disadvantaged (SKTM). Yanti expected that the data submitted could be accepted and immediately be included in the KIP beneficiary list.

Meanwhile, in regards the extension of the registration deadline of the KIP to the Dapodik, the Ministry of Education and Culture finally issued Circular letter Number 19/D/SE/2016. The letter is addressed to all heads of provincial education agencies, regencies/cities, and Dapodikdasmen operators throughout Indonesia.




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