College Tuition Contributes Highest to September Inflation

The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) recorded September 2016’s inflation rate at 0.22 percent with a consumer price index (IHK) level of 125.41. BPS chief Suhariyanto said inflation is within control despite the slight increase from August’s deflation. In August, the BPS noted a 0.02 percent deflation due to the declining prices of several goods, including food items and transportation fees, after the Eid al-Fitr holiday is over.

According to Suhariyanto, one of the causes for September’s inflation was the price hikes in several expense groups. The highest is from the education, due to the increase in college tuition fees, and recreation group with 0.52 percent. The second biggest inflation contributor is the food, drinks, cigarettes and tobacco groups with 0.34 percent.

BPS hope that inflation rate stays under control over the next three months, so that this year’s inflation target will be achieved. Bank Indonesia (BI) sets this year’s inflation target at 3-5 percent. From January to September, the inflation rate is 1.97 percent, significantly lower than January-September 2015’s 3.07 percent.




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